sabato 26 aprile 2014

Crop Top:how to dress

With the return of  90's,unfortunately,come back fashion crimes too.
For example Crop Tops!
If you want to wear a crop top you have to be very slim and well-proportioned body,with six pack and without spare tire.
Best if it is weared combined to a skirt or a pair of trousers high-waist.
It would be ideal if weared with a long or under the knees that,even"no more teens"could
makes a good impression..

There are many kind of Crop Tops:
OVERSIZE-that remind to "Flashdance".These are to advise against to anyone who has a big size                            of breast.On the other hand,is perfect for anyone who is flat chested,because it increases                      in size!

SLINKY-these have the merit to draw attention to the belt line and are appropriated to tight chests
                and hourglass physical shape.

 CARDIGAN,JERSEY AND SHORT JACKET-wearing this sort of garment,you'll feel like a pin-up!
                                                                              They are perfect with any kind of flared clothes.

Pay attention:if you have fifteen years,you can put on Crop Tops combined to a pair of hot pants,but..only in this case!Don't make a fool of yourself..
When you can wear it?In a discotheque,for a walk and during the day.Absolutely not during a dinner!
About shoes,hair and make-up.
With a slinky Crop top and longuette skirt i adore to put on a pair of slipper.I recollect this outfit to the fabulous 50's.To remain on theme,i'd style hair on soft waves and i'd paint the lips with a red-fired lipstick and the eyes with a black line of eye-liner.
If you are very young and if you choice to wear a large Crop Top with micro-shorts,my advice to you is to play down with accessories.Put on your feet a pair of sneakers or bikers.A very light make-up and the hair that is worn tied back from the face.
If you opt for a more classic outfit,like for example,a slinky Crop Top with a long skirt or a pair of trousers,you can wear a sandal or a pair of shoes with high heels.This time you can to go wild with hair and make-up!
I heartily recommend you to not mix this different outfit..xoS.

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