domenica 20 aprile 2014

Mary Katrantzou for Adidas

Mary Katrantzou,a very marvelous Greek fashion designer,will realizes a capsule collection for Adidas.
I accidentally knew her few years ago,during one of my fashion trip in Paris,while i watched the famous boutique"Colette" windows..It was love at first sight!

Her pret-à-porter collection was shown for the first time at the A/W London Fashion Week,in 2008.
Her creations are characterized by careful and elaborated affectation of the details in the manufacturing of the textiles..

..and for the polychromy and the intense prints,that gets the outfits an explosion of innovation in the stylistic sightseeing.

Now you try to imagine all that on a line of apparel and footwear..yes,i can..and it's amazing!!
I am not a strong supporter of sport clothes,but i think that i'll not renounce to a few of Mary Katrantzou creations for my coaching.
"I grew up,like so many kids around the world,wearing Adidas sneakers and i'm really exvited about
bringing my vision to such a global brand.They have a fantastic heritage and their ability to innovate
in sportswear makes them the perfect partner for us to work with in this market".These are the words that Mary Katrantzou,young fashion designer of English adoption,told us. 
And,talking about shoes,i show you what is her personal point of view in fact of original brainchild.

In effect,how you can see,even shoes are full of colors and simply fabolous and happy..
The ankle booties,studded,with plateau and sprocket heel,remind to the clothes stamps.
I can easily deduce what could be the result of her work that she will be for the Adidas sneakers.
The capsule collection Adidas Original by Mary Katrantzou is slated to launch in November 2014
and,for my part,i don't see the time.
This week my personal advice to you is to pay attention to the evolution of this news and..stay tuned!