sabato 26 aprile 2014

Crop Top:how to dress

With the return of  90's,unfortunately,come back fashion crimes too.
For example Crop Tops!
If you want to wear a crop top you have to be very slim and well-proportioned body,with six pack and without spare tire.
Best if it is weared combined to a skirt or a pair of trousers high-waist.
It would be ideal if weared with a long or under the knees that,even"no more teens"could
makes a good impression..

There are many kind of Crop Tops:
OVERSIZE-that remind to "Flashdance".These are to advise against to anyone who has a big size                            of breast.On the other hand,is perfect for anyone who is flat chested,because it increases                      in size!

SLINKY-these have the merit to draw attention to the belt line and are appropriated to tight chests
                and hourglass physical shape.

 CARDIGAN,JERSEY AND SHORT JACKET-wearing this sort of garment,you'll feel like a pin-up!
                                                                              They are perfect with any kind of flared clothes.

Pay attention:if you have fifteen years,you can put on Crop Tops combined to a pair of hot pants,but..only in this case!Don't make a fool of yourself..
When you can wear it?In a discotheque,for a walk and during the day.Absolutely not during a dinner!
About shoes,hair and make-up.
With a slinky Crop top and longuette skirt i adore to put on a pair of slipper.I recollect this outfit to the fabulous 50's.To remain on theme,i'd style hair on soft waves and i'd paint the lips with a red-fired lipstick and the eyes with a black line of eye-liner.
If you are very young and if you choice to wear a large Crop Top with micro-shorts,my advice to you is to play down with accessories.Put on your feet a pair of sneakers or bikers.A very light make-up and the hair that is worn tied back from the face.
If you opt for a more classic outfit,like for example,a slinky Crop Top with a long skirt or a pair of trousers,you can wear a sandal or a pair of shoes with high heels.This time you can to go wild with hair and make-up!
I heartily recommend you to not mix this different outfit..xoS.

domenica 20 aprile 2014

Mary Katrantzou for Adidas

Mary Katrantzou,a very marvelous Greek fashion designer,will realizes a capsule collection for Adidas.
I accidentally knew her few years ago,during one of my fashion trip in Paris,while i watched the famous boutique"Colette" windows..It was love at first sight!

Her pret-à-porter collection was shown for the first time at the A/W London Fashion Week,in 2008.
Her creations are characterized by careful and elaborated affectation of the details in the manufacturing of the textiles..

..and for the polychromy and the intense prints,that gets the outfits an explosion of innovation in the stylistic sightseeing.

Now you try to imagine all that on a line of apparel and footwear..yes,i can..and it's amazing!!
I am not a strong supporter of sport clothes,but i think that i'll not renounce to a few of Mary Katrantzou creations for my coaching.
"I grew up,like so many kids around the world,wearing Adidas sneakers and i'm really exvited about
bringing my vision to such a global brand.They have a fantastic heritage and their ability to innovate
in sportswear makes them the perfect partner for us to work with in this market".These are the words that Mary Katrantzou,young fashion designer of English adoption,told us. 
And,talking about shoes,i show you what is her personal point of view in fact of original brainchild.

In effect,how you can see,even shoes are full of colors and simply fabolous and happy..
The ankle booties,studded,with plateau and sprocket heel,remind to the clothes stamps.
I can easily deduce what could be the result of her work that she will be for the Adidas sneakers.
The capsule collection Adidas Original by Mary Katrantzou is slated to launch in November 2014
and,for my part,i don't see the time.
This week my personal advice to you is to pay attention to the evolution of this news and..stay tuned!

sabato 12 aprile 2014

Coachella 2014

On 12th April Coachella opens its doors.
It is the Californian coolest music event of the year,destination of full many celebs,so..are you ready to go to Coachella?Because every Festival have its dress-code!
Well,i'm ready to give you some advices..
To be at ease with this milieu,you have to necessarily wear like a glamorous cow-girl,mixed with an
actual flower child.

Let's start from the shorts,that have to be in denim texture,with reterence to American indians,
or embroidered,with beads or coloured crystals.The right outfit to obtain with shorts,is the tee,preferably with rock-star imprinted and longhorn ankle boots.
If you prefer classic long denim,you have to choice flaired or "cropped" jeans,weared with a folk-blouse and wedges.
Only for this extraordinary occasion,i grant you to wear also a denim jumpsuit,but..take care to accessories,or you'll show yourself untidy!
For a perfect hippy's look,you could put on a maxi-skirt or a maxi-dress,better if it is flowered like these vintage Dolce & Gabbana.

This look is well-defined if you add,with a touch of good taste,an headscarf or headband,"chandelier"earrings and sunglasses..for example these:

The military jackets is inevitable at these Festivals,even if it needs some fashion precautions.
For example you could attach to it showy pins and wear many colored necklaces..
Also i'd combine the jacket with a romantic short dress in crochet and flat sandals or,if you want,bikers boots.
Bags are full of fringes,in nappa leather or in suede.Large,to include all things you need for the long day out-of-doors,or small,shoulder bag.
Hair could be styled in soft waves,or gathered in a braid and make-up is very natural,but with a strong touch of color for the lips.
And now are you ready for Coachella?XoS.

Credits:photo by Dolce & and runway,Roberto Cavalli runway and Gettyimages.

sabato 5 aprile 2014

Fashion Designers Blunders!

Do you know when,during fashion weeks,all fashion designers launches on the market items that you literally hate..and it seems as mutually agreed between them,like a conspiracy against you?
Well,to this end,i made my personal list of the worst fashion proposal from last runways.
  1. Sneakers!  
    I don't put it on my feet neither for jogging..!With lace,crystals or pastel colors,Chanel launched "in every occasion sneakers".You can wear it even with gowns!Let's say sincerely:to wear this shoes and have an adeguate look,we have necessarily to exhibit thin ankles and long legs!My hate for sneakers is not a coincidence,in effect i'm not very tall,so if i'd wear it with a short skirt,i'd seem a toy poodle..In addition i could never give up my heels. 
          2.Cartoons characters and trademarks

         This is what we saw at Milan Fashion Week..
         It's true,i'm the first to admit they are very funny,but..OMG!
         My dear Jeremy Scott,we are poor mortals..when do you think we could wear these damned
         However..,when you wake-up with a jaunty feel,you could put-on a SpongeBob t-shirt or a bag
         inspired by McDonald's..i can grant to you only this!
         Between us,fashion addict,is very cool the case for phone that fake the typical McDonald's
         french-fries box.

           3.Flat Sandals.

           Aaaaahhhh!That's a fashion crime!!
           All and i repeat ALL fashion designers made this smut...In the picture you can admire a
           disgusting pair of Givenchy's.
           These "things" will not touch my feet.Never.Because my feet are too much impressionable.
           This kind of sandal was born with the Franciscan holy order in the far 1897...but,i don't
           understand:i wrong or Franciscan wasn't famous for their refinement??Ok,fashion designer
           tried to embellish it, can see the result.
           Sincerelly,how can you rationally put on a luxury market a poverty symbol?
           I challenge each one of you to was successfull in coordinating this sandal with the right
           Finally,my advice to you at this turn is to pay attention to your personal liking,without to
           necessarily follow the trends of the moment.Give to you the chance to choice and,if you want,
           we'll see next week for further notice from the World of Fashion..xoS.