sabato 5 aprile 2014

Fashion Designers Blunders!

Do you know when,during fashion weeks,all fashion designers launches on the market items that you literally hate..and it seems as mutually agreed between them,like a conspiracy against you?
Well,to this end,i made my personal list of the worst fashion proposal from last runways.
  1. Sneakers!  
    I don't put it on my feet neither for jogging..!With lace,crystals or pastel colors,Chanel launched "in every occasion sneakers".You can wear it even with gowns!Let's say sincerely:to wear this shoes and have an adeguate look,we have necessarily to exhibit thin ankles and long legs!My hate for sneakers is not a coincidence,in effect i'm not very tall,so if i'd wear it with a short skirt,i'd seem a toy poodle..In addition i could never give up my heels. 
          2.Cartoons characters and trademarks

         This is what we saw at Milan Fashion Week..
         It's true,i'm the first to admit they are very funny,but..OMG!
         My dear Jeremy Scott,we are poor mortals..when do you think we could wear these damned
         However..,when you wake-up with a jaunty feel,you could put-on a SpongeBob t-shirt or a bag
         inspired by McDonald's..i can grant to you only this!
         Between us,fashion addict,is very cool the case for phone that fake the typical McDonald's
         french-fries box.

           3.Flat Sandals.

           Aaaaahhhh!That's a fashion crime!!
           All and i repeat ALL fashion designers made this smut...In the picture you can admire a
           disgusting pair of Givenchy's.
           These "things" will not touch my feet.Never.Because my feet are too much impressionable.
           This kind of sandal was born with the Franciscan holy order in the far 1897...but,i don't
           understand:i wrong or Franciscan wasn't famous for their refinement??Ok,fashion designer
           tried to embellish it, can see the result.
           Sincerelly,how can you rationally put on a luxury market a poverty symbol?
           I challenge each one of you to was successfull in coordinating this sandal with the right
           Finally,my advice to you at this turn is to pay attention to your personal liking,without to
           necessarily follow the trends of the moment.Give to you the chance to choice and,if you want,
           we'll see next week for further notice from the World of Fashion..xoS.